“Our company is built on people – those who work for us and those we do business with”

Who We Are

With our experience in distribution, investment, and technological innovation, the group has evolved to be a formidable yet differentiated powerhouse
capable of initiating new business platforms, value added services and creating employment opportunities within the country. 
We pride ourselves on being disruptive with leading edge technologies to enable an improved, and more sustainable competitive advantage,
creating more wealth for our stakeholders and employees.

Meet Our Team

Courtney Sutherland
Courtney SutherlandBusiness Manager
Courtney Sutherland graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a B.Com Marketing Degree. She is also one of the founding members of ASML Logistics. Courtney has an easy-going yet stern personality and great people’s skills; all which help establishing phenomenal relationships with all our clients. Courtney’s main responsibility at ASML Logistics lies within business development and the overall business operation. These responsibilities include sales and marketing. Courtney is a goal driven woman and she is extremely passionate about the spirits. Her meticulousness and patience have made multiple clients crack a smile after their monthly or quarterly stock counts.
Jana Knoetze
Jana KnoetzeOperations Manager
Jana Knoetze graduated from the University of Pretoria with B.Com (Hons) Communication Management. She joined ASML Logistics in May 2018 and was soon promoted to reign our Midrand operation. Jana is a true lover of wine and has developed solid skills and supply chain management experience prior to her current position. She is a delicate, diligent, and solid individual demonstrating extraordinary talents in building and leading a warehouse operation – full of female employees. Her event organising experience adds tremendous value to our clients when it comes to marketing and promotion.
Chante Struyweg
Chante StruywegFinancial Controller
Chante Struyweg has an accounting background with solid experience and joined ASML Logistics in November 2018. She has since made a substantial impact to the company’s daily operations through her diligent and systematic attitude. She is scrupulous in everything she does by having a direct and thorough approach. Chante is one of the youngest members in the ASML Logistics team; has a passion for photography and a quirky sense of humour too. She has slowly, but surely, challenged the industry that is notorious in payments despite the trials that are ubiquitous.
Werner Nieman
Werner NiemanWarehouse Manager
Werner Nieman studied his passion of Information Technology. He previously worked within the group as a Technical and PC Assembly Supervisor before joining ASML Logistics. His IT background has added immense value in enabling the ASML distribution business to a fully-fledged technology platform; in terms of fleet management, warehouse automation, on-line portal, and real-time proof of delivery documentation management. Werner is ethical, driven, and extremely thorough which has made the common industry challenge of shrinkage and breakage dissipate within ASML Logistics.

“A good reputation for yourself and your company is an invaluable asset not reflected in the balance sheets”

Li Ka Shing